All 3 of our children had grown up with numerous food allergies including egg, going out for dinner could be stressful.  When we heard about these allergy treatments I could hardly believe it!  My husband had his allergies treated first and then we started treatments for the children.  They love coming to see Deb!  Now we can relax, eat anywhere and enjoy dessert too!L.M.

Deb is awesome. She took all the time to go through all my allergies and sensitivities. I have a lot: mention something and I am allergic to it. I’ve been treated four times so far and I feel so much better already. Thank you, thank you!P.B.

For years I dreaded the change of seasons because of my allergies. I had to take Allegra daily and I began to experience side-effects from the drugs. After Deb treated my allergies I feel so much better, and am relieved to no longer be taking allergy medications.T.M.

Deb has been treating both my son and me, with great results. I’m now able to open the compost bin without triggering an asthma attack, and eat eggs with no stomach cramps!  And we’re slowly making progress with my son’s sniffling! I highly recommend anyone schedule a consultation.L.D.

I hadn’t eaten wheat for over 9 years because my reaction to it was terrible. After my second treatment in the Allergy Clinic of Iowa Deb told me that I could eat wheat again. I ate a whole pizza, actually to be honest: I inhaled it. No reactions! I can’t tell you how happy I am.J.T.

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