What To Expect – Allergy

Initial Session

The initial session will take about 60 minutes and includes an assessment and a single treatment.  Please complete the New Patient Allergy forms online before your first appointment. This will give us a basic history and an understanding of the symptoms you are experiencing. The assessments are based on the symptoms that you are experiencing. We also use medical allergy test results if you have them available, however they are not required.

Following the assessment you will receive a treatment for one allergen family. The treatment involves the practitioner transmitting subtle representations of the allergens to you. As these subtle representations are being transmitted, the practitioner will stimulate acupuncture points along the spine with a gentle percussion (that feels really good). This stimulation is gentle, non-invasive and pain-free. Once the treatment is complete, the patient should be able to resume contact with the items that had previously caused the associated symptoms.

Upon completion of the initial session, a prioritized treatment plan will be given to the patient to let them know how many additional sessions will be needed to address their symptoms (if any). Only one allergen family can be treated per session. On average, the number of sessions required to resolve the most common conditions are between 4 and 15. The treatment is non-invasive and completely pain free. The treatment does not require the use of needles and does not require follow up with drugs or supplements.

Initial Assessment fee is $200 (includes your first treatment)

Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions take about 30 minutes and include a retest of the previous item that was treated to determine whether the body may still be reacting to that item. You will then receive a treatment to one of the allergen families that was determined in the initial session.

The follow up session fee is $100.

Packages Available

Package pricing and family discounts available, so please ask for details.

Things to Know Before Your First Appointment
  • Please do not smoke or wear perfume or fragrances prior to coming to our clinic. This is a courtesy to our other patients who may be sensitive to those scents.
  • Please wear clothing to the appointment that covers your entire back.
  • Patients with previous allergy tests from medical doctors are encouraged to bring a copy of those tests.
  • Pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications will not affect the treatment.
  • When you have other therapies (massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc) scheduled on the same day as the AAT treatment as your Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) session, your AAT treatment should come last.
  • If being treated for food items: do not eat for 2 hours after the treatment.
  • Allergy Clinic of Iowa does not treat anaphylactic conditions.

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